Eastside Oasis


Event details

  • Tuesday | November 28, 2017
  • 7:00 pm
  • 1440 N Edmondson Ave, Indianapolis
  • 317-775-4808

Contact Chris Tenpas for details.

Who are we?

We tend to be women from late 20’s and up. We usually have one man participating, but we’ve never had two at a time. We love to “check-in” (connect/catch up) and our Going Deeper discussions can be very personal.

Where do we meet?

We are currently in transition and will be meeting at the church for a short while.

What is unique about our group?

At least quarterly we have a game night and pitch-in. We love cookouts in the summer.

What else do we do together?

Some members work at DaySpring Center Homeless Shelter together, others usher at the church. Occasionally, we eat dinner as a group.