Garfield Park Oasis


Event details

  • Thursday | March 30, 2017
  • 7:00 pm
  • 615 E Southern Ave, Indianapolis
  • 317-786-0517

Contact Jerry Dowell for details.

Who are we?

Our Oasis group has a strong core group of members who have been together for years, so we feel like a family. That said, we welcome newcomers and visitors. We are a blend of genders representing a variety of ages from 30’s through 70’s.

Where do we meet?

We meet in the home of Tex Green and Jerry Dowell, just across the street from Garfield Park. Tex and Jerry have a beautifully restored, century-old home. We meet in their cozy living room. (Please note: The only restroom is upstairs.) There is plenty of street parking by the house. Tex and Jerry have a dog and cats.

What is unique about our group?

Because of the longevity of our group, our members know and support one another. We always have refreshments at our weekly meetings, and occasionally enjoy pitch-in meals.

What else do we do together?

Every couple of months, our group meets socially to connect as friends.  Past social events have included local festivals, Brown County outings, game nights, bowling nights, and cookouts. Because of our close proximity to Garfield Park, we have a picnic each summer at one of the park’s outdoor concerts. In addition, it is our annual tradition to participate in “Dining Out for Life,” which raises money for the Damien Center. Last year we participated in LifeJourney’s inaugural Super Service Service, painting and remodeling living spaces at Dayspring Center.

One more thing…

Our attendees come from a variety of backgrounds, including individuals who aren’t currently affiliated with LifeJourney Church.  We welcome everyone!