Book Club Oasis

This group is currently on break and will resume on December 5th. Contact Genese Parker for details. Who are we? Why not take two things that people love—books and Oasis—and put them together?! Where do we meet? We meet at the church on Monday evenings at 7:00 pm in Room...

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F•R•I•E•N•D•S Oasis

Contact Aly Gil or Samantha Hasty-Zander for more information. Who are we? We are a group of young adults (late 20—30’s) that enjoy hanging out inside and outside of Oasis meeting times for various activities. We love Jesus and people. Come join us! Where do we meet? We meet at LifeJourney Church. What...

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Friday Evening Oasis

Contact Katrina Babb for more information. Who are we? We are a brand new group… so far, we are a small group of 30-something females, but all are welcome! We are a talkative group; everyone has an opportunity to contribute and all perspectives are respected. Where do we meet? We...

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Southside Oasis

Contact Andrew Robbins for more information. Who are we? This new group will serve the members of our congregations who live in the southern part of Indy. Where do we meet? We meet at the home of Allen Archibald and Michael Snodgrass. They live just south of I-465 and I-65 on the...

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Thursday Evening Oasis

              Contact Larry Heavilon for details. Who are we? We are a high energy, very welcoming group. We are compassionately opinionated. We encourage self-expression and spiritual growth. Where do we meet?  We meet at the church. Very convenient and parking is not a problem....

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Wednesday Evening Oasis

Contact Pastor Melody Merida for details. Who are we? The Wednesday Oasis is an awesome group of mostly smart, professional, and super funny women. But don’t worry guys, we would be delighted for you to join the mix! Half the group has children and those parents are thrilled to take...

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Westside Oasis

Contact Pastor David Zier or Pastor Jeff Miner for details. Who are we? Our group is very diverse in age. We are proud to spend Tuesdays with Don Nesler, the elder statesman of LifeJourney Church! We have a group sense of humor, enjoy having a good time, and care deeply for...

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Southwest Oasis

Contact Randy King for details. Who are we? We are a group meeting in Camby; the majority of our group are from Mooresville and Southwest Indy. We welcome all ages. Our current group consists mostly of retired individuals of all genders, but don’t worry, some of us are still of...

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Garfield Park Oasis

Contact Jerry Dowell for details. Who are we? Our Oasis group has a strong core group of members who have been together for years, so we feel like a family. That said, we welcome newcomers and visitors. We are a blend of genders representing a variety of ages from 30’s through...

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Eastside Oasis

Contact Pastor Vivian Ampy for details. Who are we? We tend to be women from late 20’s and up. We usually have one man participating, but we’ve never had two at a time. We love to “check-in” (connect/catch up) and our Going Deeper discussions can be very personal. Where do we...

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