What does thoughtfully different Jesus followers mean?

We are…
  • Multicultural – one of Indy’s most diverse congregations.
  • Theologically open minded – we don’t all think alike, and we like that!
  • Radically inclusive – women and LGBT people are fully affirmed as equal partners in ministry.
  • Excited about Jesus.
  • Serious, but not stupid, about the Bible.
  • Determined to help the poor and stand for justice and equality for all.
  • Very imperfect – as a church and as individuals.
  • Full of warmth, love, and welcome.
  • Following Jesus is not just a part of life; it is a way of life!
  • Following Jesus is more about spiritual values than spiritual rules.
  • The Bible is a living book that invites us into active dialogue with God in our daily lives — not some dusty ol’ book of rules frozen in time.
  • Church should be a place where you can be real — no pretending.
  • Church should be a place that welcomes our questions and encourages independent thought.
  • Relax! We’re not a stuffy church.
  • Worship services are Sundays at 9:30 am & 11:00 am.
  • We usually have 300-400 people attending Sunday Worship  Services.
  • Some of our folks dress up, but most don’t. So dress the way you’re most comfortable.
  • As you enter, a friendly greeter will hand you our Weekly News and Worship Bulletin.
  • There will be fun, age-appropriate settings for your kids (babies through high school). Read more info about children and youth programming.
  • If you don’t see the children’s check in center, just ask a greeter.
  • The service will include some music, a reading from Scripture, prayer, a sermon and at the end a time for communion and personal reflection.
  • Afterward, feel free to stop by the Guest Table in the social hall to chat with a Pastor or Deacon.
  • Coffee, drinks, and nibble food is served in the social hall after worship.

Plan your visit, here’s where LifeJourney Church is located.

Feel free to check out a sermon online.

Sunday Worship Services

Beyond Sunday

Our Church is brimming with activity! We offer:

  • A Discipleship Program that will challenge your soul — and your brain, too.
  • Many Oasis Groups (small-groups for friendship, study, prayer, and support).
  • More than 20 dynamic Ministry Teams where you can do awesome work for God.
  • A variety of sports, social, and support groups.

All these activities are open to everyone–members and non-members alike. For information about when and where these activities occur, see our Events Calendar.

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