Our Vision, Mission, and Distinctives

How Are We Different?

For starters, we welcome everyone – really! “Everyone” includes married, divorced, and single. Gay,
trans, and straight. Liberal and conservative. Many different races and ethnicities. Believers, seekers,
and people from the full spectrum of church backgrounds. Young and old. Rich and poor. Why?
Because that’s how Jesus did it; he loved everyone.

We bridge the gap between Progressive Christianity and Evangelical Christianity without losing the
passion of the Evangelicals or ignoring the questions of the Progressives. We combine an emphasis on
personal spiritual growth with a devotion to social justice.

We believe the Bible is alive, vibrant, and dynamic, not a dusty old book of rules frozen in time.
Because of this, the Bible speaks to each of us differently, yet powerfully – influencing, shaping, and
molding us from within.

We seek to love and nurture those who are already here, while also bringing in others who want to be
part of something bold and beautiful. We especially want to make room for those who seek healing
from a broken world or a broken church.

We fundamentally believe in God’s grace, God’s goodness, and God’s love. We want to help the church
become all Christ meant it to be – full of love and grace!

We’re friendly, fun, and down-to-earth. We’re not perfect, but we are deeply in love with God and are
constantly trying to grow into the fullness of who God wants us to be. We want to live authentically in
the ways of Jesus. We believe that following Jesus is a way of life, not just part of life.

This is who we are! Thoughtfully different followers of Jesus!

What are we called to do?

What we’re called to do arises organically from who we are. We are called to change ourselves, change
the church, and change the world. We do this by vigorously pursuing four great goals:

  1. To be a radically inclusive, warmly welcoming, open-minded spiritual community that
    foreshadows the diversity we’ll experience in heaven. Revelation 7:9-10.
  2. To invite people to become followers of Jesus, and to equip them (and us) to live our faith
    vibrantly at home and in our community. Matthew 28:19-20; II Peter 1:3-8.
  3. To pour out compassion on the world, especially by supporting and defending those who are
    poor, marginalized, and hurting. Luke 4:16-20.
  4. To be on the cutting edge of what God’s Spirit is doing to shape the church of the future. We
    hope to be a living, breathing example of what the church of the future can be, and act to move
    more churches in that direction. Acts 11:1-18.

Our Beliefs

We are a Christian Church that embraces the basic doctrines of Christianity. We confess Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Beyond these basics, however, we leave it to each individual to work out the details of personal faith in accordance with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Scriptures.We discuss all the great issues
of faith and share information, but don’t feel it is necessary for everyone to think exactly alike. We
respect our congregants and treat them like adults who have both the responsibility and capacity to
discern truth.  John 16:12-15.

Come as you are, whoever you are, to experience LifeJourney Church

History of LifeJourney

The early days:

We were founded in 1990 as a church meant to break down barriers that commonly divide Christians.
One of the big issues back then was discrimination against LGBTQ people. From our inception, we have
affirmed LGBTQ people as full and equal participants. For that reason, back in the 1990s many straight
people would not worship at LifeJourney, and we became predominantly a church of refuge for LGBTQ
people. But the world has changed dramatically since then. As walls of prejudice have fallen, the
ministry of LifeJourney has blossomed into our original vision – a church for all people!

Who We Are Now:

LifeJourney has become a melting pot of Christian diversity, modeling how the love of Christ transcends
our differences! We are one of the most ethnically diverse churches in Indianapolis. We are socio-
economically and politically diverse. We have congregants from every conceivable Christian background
– Catholic, Baptist, Episcopal, Methodist, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Disciples of Christ (just to name a few).
Our goal is to be a church that reflects the same kind of stunning diversity we’ll encounter someday in
heaven. Our church is an especially good place for people who have struggled with the narrowness and
dogmatism of many churches, or don’t fit easily into religious circles, or don’t think Christians should all
look, act, and believe alike.  Why not join us in this exciting experiment in love and unity!