Guiding Principles

At LifeJourney Church, we believe:

  • Following Jesus is not just a part of life; it is a way of life!
  • Following Jesus is more about spiritual values than spiritual rules.
  • The Bible is a living book that invites us into active dialogue with God in our daily lives.
  • Church should be a place where you can be real–no pretending.
  • Church should be a place that welcomes our questions and encourages independent thought.

These principles guide everything we do at LifeJourney Church.

Our Vision and Mission

Revelation 21:22-27 describes a time when people from all nations and languages of the earth will stream into heaven, bringing with them the best of their earthly cultures. In other words, heaven will be a beautiful melting pot of earthly diversity. Jesus himself prayed that all his followers, in all their diversity, would be able to live as one, in unity of the spirit. John 17:20-22.

At LifeJourney Church, our Vision is to come as close as possible to modeling that unity in diversity. We embrace the words of this poem:

Married, divorced, and single here, It’s one family that mingles here.
Conservative and liberal here, We’ve all gotta give a little here.
Big and small here, There’s room for us all here.
Doubt and believe here, We all can receive here.
Gay, trans, and straight here, There’s no hate here.
Woman and man here, Everyone can here.
Each and every gender here, In all their splendor here.
Whatever your race here, For all of us, grace here.
Christ above us, Christ beside us, Christ within us.

(Used with the blessing of Rev. Mark Tidd, Highlands Church, Denver.)

At LifeJourney Church, our Mission is defined by three areas of emphasis:

  • Learning To Follow Jesus. We seek to equip ourselves to follow Jesus consistently and effectively in daily life. We want to cultivate faith that is authentic and action oriented, learning to live in ways that give life to ourselves, family, friends, acquaintances, strangers, and even our enemies.
  • Helping Those In Need. Followers of Christ are also called to care passionately about the needy. Matthew 25:31-46. Jesus devoted much of his time and energy to this. To authentically reflect the love of God as a congregation, we must reach beyond ourselves and engage a hurting world.
  • Doing Justice. Followers of Christ are called to care passionately about fairness and equity in society. The Bible is filled with examples of people called by God to advocate justice–Moses, Esther, Gideon, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and (of course) Jesus. God seems to give every generation of Christians an opportunity to make earth a little more like heaven. Historical examples include slavery, child labor, voting rights for women, and the civil rights movement for African Americans. In our generation, we believe God calls us to advocate for justice and equality for all people, holistically including: women, people of color, and LGBT people.

Our Beliefs

We are a Christian Church that embraces the basic doctrines of Christianity. We confess Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Beyond these basics, however, we leave it to each individual to work out the details of personal faith in accordance with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Scriptures. We do not feel it is healthy or wise to try to compel each individual to believe exactly alike. We respect our congregants and treat them like adults who have both the responsibility and capacity to discern God’s will. John 16:12-15.

Come as you are, whoever you are, to experience LifeJourney Church

History of LifeJourney

The early days:

LifeJourney Metropolitan Community Church (formerly Jesus MCC) was founded in 1990 as a church that was meant to break down the barriers that commonly divide Christians. One of the big issues back then was discrimination against LGBT people. From our inception, we have affirmed LGBT people as full and equal participants. For that reason, back in the 1990s many straight people would not worship at LifeJourney, and we became predominantly a church of refuge for LGBT people. But the world has changed dramatically since then. As walls of prejudice have fallen, the ministry of LifeJourney has blossomed into our original vision–a church for all people!

Who We Are Now:

LifeJourney has become a melting pot of Christian diversity, modeling how the love of Christ transcends our differences! We are one of the most ethnically diverse churches in Indianapolis. We are socio-economically and politically diverse. We have congregants from every conceivable Christian background–Catholic, Baptist, Episcopal, Methodist, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Disciples of Christ (just to name a few). Our goal is to be a church that reflects the same kind of stunning diversity we’ll encounter someday in heaven. Our church is an especially good place for people who have struggled with the narrowness and dogmatism of many churches, or don’t fit easily into religious circles, or don’t think Christians should all look, act, and believe alike. Why not join us in this exciting experiment in love and unity!