Quench! Refreshing devotionals by gay, trans, and affirming Christians


This isn’t your ordinary daily devotional for Christians!

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This is not your typical book of daily devotions!

Join this unique group of writers in daily mediation, and quench your spiritual thirst with heart-felt, real-world reflections by fellow Christians who are lesbian, gay, transgender, straight and affirming, lay and clergy. You will find yourself never thirsty with the living water poured out in Quench!

Each of the 100 entries in this book has three parts:

  • Today’s Scripture. After you read the day’s passage, we recommend you take some time to meditate on it and ask yourself, What might God be saying to me from this? Does any word, phrase, or idea stand out? It may help to summarize your thoughts in a sentence or two before reading on.
  • Our Thoughts. The authors will share what they have taken from the scripture. This is where the book shines, as our authors share not only their insights on scripture, but also their hearts. Many of the stories shared are deeply personal, some are funny, some are sad. They all bring scripture to life in a way that’s honest and engaging.
  • Thought for the Day. This is something you can take with you, to remember and ponder throughout the day.

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edited by Rev. Keith J. Phillips

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238 pages, perfect bound, 5.5″ x 8.5″