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Calling Santa’s Helpers

So you might not be actually helping Santa, though he’s probably watching…

LifeJourney Church relies mostly on the faithful volunteers within our Campus Services: Maintenance Crew to complete repairs and enhancements around the church. And, we’re so thankful for these unsung heroes. In fact, you may have noticed they have been busy over the last month enhancing the appeal of our restrooms with some fresh paint and new fixtures.

However, sometimes the list gets longer than volunteer hours available….

Below is a list of extra items we’d like to get done before the end of January. Would you review this list and see if there is an item or two that you could help with? Or maybe you know someone who specializes in a specific trade that would be willing to give back by helping complete a certain item for the church. (At the bottom of this page is a response form.)

Area Task Urgency
*SPECIAL* Move Sanctuary light for Christmas (ladder) Approx Dec. 9
*SPECIAL* Sanctuary Lighting Project (carpentry) ASAP
Exterior Caulk Children’s Area windows ASAP
Exterior Paint entry railing ASAP
Exterior Sidewalk repair, Misc cement (door & wall) ASAP
Garage Empty mower of gas, stabilize fuel ASAP
Garage Transport ice melt bags, purchase at Lowes ASAP
Garage Prep snow blower/winter equipment ASAP
Interior Replace Room 10 light lense ASAP
Interior Repair Room 10 outlet ASAP
Interior Main entry door repair ASAP
Interior Replace fluorescent light tubes ASAP
Interior Organize storage area behind Sanctuary ASAP
Outside Mulch/blow leave ASAP
Outside Trim weeds on campus with string trimmer ASAP
Paint Sanctuary Stage Wall ASAP
Rental Rake leaves ASAP
Rental Transport misc. supplies to church ASAP
Roof Repair gutters ASAP
Interior Bathroom upgrade/refresh In Process
Exterior West end security light bulb/repair January
Exterior GFCI outlet repair (beside storage door) January
Interior Replace Room 9 ceiling tiles January
Interior Replace Room 9 flooring January
Interior Replace Room 10 ceiling tile (over sprinkler head) January
Interior Serving counter divider/sound baffle January
Interior Strip/Wax floors January
Interior Install exit push-paddle on office doors January
Paint Room 7 January
Paint Room 8 January
Paint Vending Area January
Paint Cafe walls January
Rental Patch holes on outside of wood January
Roof Roof leak above Children’s Area January
Exterior NW window trim repair with Building Rehab
Roof Clean gutters with Building Rehab

Please use the contact form to let us know where you are willing to lend a hand!

(You may also use the Facebook Chat function in the lower right corner to ask specific questions or to respond.)

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