Thursday Evening Oasis


Event details

  • September 14, 2017
  • 7:00 pm
  • LifeJourney Church, 2950 E. 55th Place, Indianapolis
  • 317-523-4543









Contact Larry Heavilon for details.

Who are we?

We are a high energy, very welcoming group. We are compassionately opinionated. We encourage self-expression and spiritual growth.

Where do we meet? 

We meet at the church. Very convenient and parking is not a problem.    

What is unique about our group?

Our group is a very unique “family.” We are a diverse group (age, race, gender, spiritual backgrounds and traditions). We utilize various translations of the Bible. For those who can, we fellowship over dinner before group and share snacks during group. (Both sweet and salty!)

What else do we do together?

We serve as Usher/Greeters on the first Sunday of the month. Twice a year we celebrate the birthdays of the inmates at Indiana Re-entry Educational Facility by visiting them and providing a party. We eat, play games, and have a genuinely good time. We also do at least one Christian education “class” a year so that we keep learning and growing together.

One more thing…

We see our Oasis group as a sacred and safe space where we are able to laugh and cry together and everyone is valued