Westside Oasis


Event details

  • September 19, 2017
  • 7:00 pm
  • 4465 Clover Drive, Indianapolis
  • 317-722-0000 x105

Contact Pastor David Zier or Pastor Jeff Miner for details.

Who are we?

Our group is very diverse in age. We are proud to spend Tuesdays with Don Nesler, the elder statesman of LifeJourney Church! We have a group sense of humor, enjoy having a good time, and care deeply for one another.

Where do we meet?

The home is very warm and inviting. There are always candles burning, coffee brewing, and a warm hug when needed. The driveway is very large, with room for at least 8 cars. There is also lots of street parking (cul-de-sac). We are the “pet menagerie” Oasis. The hosts have four dogs and five cats. The pets are accustomed to the group and are pretty well behaved…usually! We have lots of comfortable seats and two large meeting areas. Downstairs has a large recreational space, living room, and dining room—it’s where we do our larger gatherings and movies.

What is unique about your group?

No one goes hungry at our Oasis. We celebrate each birthday, we have camp fires, do sing-a-longs, play games, and make s’mores. We love games, movies, eating out, and homemade holiday meals. We are known to ring in the new year together and launch helium balloons with our new year’s prayer tied to the end at midnight. We do occasional worship services together during Oasis.

What else do you we do together?

In addition to above, we enjoy bowling and ball games throughout the year. We do a Halloween game night, summer cookout, and campfires. We are part of the Communion Ministry and our team serves on the second week of the month. We have also sponsored a family in need for Christmas, and have worked with various homeless projects.

One more thing…

We are conscientious about keeping our group a safe space. We are also very concerned about each other and our spiritual journeys. We have experienced many deaths, illnesses, both physical and mental, and we are always there for each other, helping out. Even if that means cleaning the house, mowing the yard, or making dinner. We also cherish that people can be honest and real, and feel God’s love, always, with the Westside Oasis.