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Giving Back to God—What’s Your Stretch Giving Goal for 2018?

Once each year at LifeJourney, we invite everyone to take a moment to prayerfully consider how much we feel called to give in the year to come. Giving is a very personal decision and we respect that. All we ask is: Would you take 3 minutes to read this page?

Why Give?

Each of us has experienced the difference our church has made for us personally – growing our souls, broadening our sense of community and spiritual family, and allowing us to deepen our purpose in life by working together to share the love of Christ with the world around us. Have you been blessed by God’s work through our church? Would you like to see that work thrive, and grow even stronger, for yourself and others like you?

  • Giving is a way to express our love to God. It’s a form of worship. Giving helps us to stretch and grow our capacity for generosity, a key spiritual value.
  • Giving is a way to create positive change in the world. When likeminded people pool their resources, they can accomplish far more than acting alone.
  • Giving expresses our gratitude to God for all God has given us, and
  • Giving is something Jesus encouraged – “Give and it will be given back to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap.” (Luke 6:38.)

How Much Should I Give?

  • Don’t Give Too Much. If we set our goal too high, we’ll getting discouraged and give up.
  • Don’t Give Too Little. Jesus specifically warned us against “comfortable giving.” That’s when we give an amount that’s easy given our income. (Luke 21:1-4.)
  • The Goal Should Be To Stretch – Just a Little. This is called “Stretch Giving.” The idea is to pick an amount that stretches us enough to grow our spirit of generosity, without stretching so much that we can’t sustain it.

Prayerfully Consider Your Stretch Giving Goal . . .

What would be a good “Stretch Goal” for you in 2018? For those of us who are in a tough financial spot, Stretch Giving may mean $1 per week.  Others of us may have enough income that Stretch Giving means $200 a week or more. The raw amount is not the issue. It’s the spirit that animates our giving.

What does generosity look like for you at this point in your life? Please take a moment to set your Stretch Goal by completing the form below.

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