As group leaders communicate plans, we will update the events calendar and Facebook with per-meeting details. You may also contact the church office to verify the meeting details before attending.

What is an Oasis Group?

Oasis groups are a network of small groups that meet regularly for friendship, support, study, and prayer. It’s the single best way to connect and make wonderful friendships at Church.

Oasis groups are comprised unique individuals, allowing each group to develop its own “personality.” Most groups discuss the previous Sunday’s sermon topic more in depth, while some groups focus on a different spiritual topic. On occasion, groups may break the normal routine and choose from a variety of adult education topics from LifeJourney Church.

Oasis Groups meet at LifeJourney Church and also in host homes around the Indianapolis area. Groups typically meet on weekday evenings. Most Oasis Groups have anywhere between 6-12 members, with at least one group leader. (Smaller, manageable group sizes encourage equal participation in discussions and tend to form deeper connections among group members.)

Feel free to visit any of the Oasis Group if you’re looking to make new connections at LifeJourney Church. (Some people find it beneficial to visit many groups before settling into their group of choice.) Oasis Groups routinely meet weekly at the same location. Occasionally, groups may plan dinner or an event at an alternate location. (If you’re visiting for the first time, it’s a good idea to confirm the meeting details with the group leader.)

You may also contact the LifeJourney office for more information.

Oasis Group Meeting Schedule

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Oasis Group Meeting Map

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