Study Guide: The Children Are Free (PDF Download)


A sixteen-page companion to The Children Are Free. Great for small groups or independent study.


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Each section of the study guide consists of a short reading from the book, often with additional readings from Scripture to provide context, and a number of questions.

We have intentionally avoided asking the direct question, “Do you agree or disagree with the authors?” We tried, instead, to ask questions that would help readers think about why they agree or disagree, while avoiding a quick yes-or-no response. Of course, the facilitator should feel free to ask this question if she or he thinks it appropriate.

We have also deliberately included more questions than you will need. We know that not every question will be beneficial to every person. If a question doesn’t seem to yield fruit, move on to another question.

The point of this guide is not to get through all the questions, or even to discuss every section of the book, but to spark deeper thought. The key is to trust God to guide your thoughts, and try to keep yourself open to what the Spirit would have you learn from this dialogue.

Although The Children Are Free can be read in a short amount of time, we’ve found that groups often require several weeks to work through the book. To allow for a thorough discussion, we recommend an eight-week study, with two weeks for each chapter.

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Rev. John Tyler Connoley with the LifeJourney Press staff

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PDF, 111 KB. Nine 8½ × 11 pages, formatted to print easily on most printers.

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Saddle stitched booklet, paperback, 16 pages

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