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Summer Events at LifeJourney

As we launch into the summer, lots of exciting things are happening at LifeJourney. Watch the video or read below for a quick overview. Indianapolis Men’s Chorus and Pride Worship Service at LifeJourney this Sunday, June 3! LifeJourney is hosting the official Interfaith Pride Worship Service this coming Sunday, June...

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JOB POSTING: Family Life Ministry Assistant

LifeJourney Church has launched a search to refill a part-time position that will assist in supporting our children and youth programs. As we seek to refill this position, it will be slightly reconfigured. The new title will be Family Life Ministry Assistant. Instead of focusing exclusively on our youth, the new...

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New Family Life Minister at LifeJourney

In December we launched a national search for a Family Life Minister, with the goal of hiring someone whose highest passion is to minister to our children, youth, and families – and who has the skill, experience, spirituality, and character to lead and grow our children, youth, and family ministries. ...

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Wanted – Minister of Family Life!

Today we’re launching a local and national search for a Minister of Family Life. This will be the first time in the history of our church we’ve had a staff position devoted entirely to ministering to our children, youth, and families with laser like focus. A wonderful foundation has already...

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Interim Leaders For LJC Kids

This week, LifeJourney Church named two interim leaders for the LJC Kids Ministry… Michelle and Ceci Spence already serve as part-time staff at our church serving our teenagers as our Student Ministries Leaders.  They have been doing great things to grow that ministry!  And now they’ve agreed to add substantial...

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Dreamers Under Attack

A Statement From Pastor Jeff on behalf of our Church, Sept. 6, 2017 Another week and another vulnerable population group under attack.  This week it’s Dreamers – children whose parents brought them to America when they were young – on average age 6.  These kids have grown up among us and...

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The Moral Core of Our Nation Is at Risk

A Statement by Pastor Jeff on behalf of LifeJourney Church Our nation was founded on a core principle.  The Declaration of Independence proclaimed, “All men are created equal.”  Unfortunately, that originally meant that only white men were created equal.  But a seed was planted that gradually blossomed into the recognition that...

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Racism Bares It’s Ugly Teeth Once Again

A Statement By Pastor Jeff on Behalf of Our Church This weekend hundreds of white nationalists, KKK members, and Neo-Nazis descended on Charlottesville, Virginia, and the University of Virginia, to advocate for white supremacy.  We’ve all seen the disturbing news, as the demonstrations have turned violent and innocent people have been...

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