2020 Grounds Crew Forming

Do you enjoy being outdoors — the fresh air, sunshine — just you and God’s green earth? Then please, read on…

The Campus Services Ministry’s Ground Crew is comprised of 4 crews of 3 individuals. Each of these teams serves 1 time per month caring for our church campus. In a span of about 2 hours, they mow, trim, and remove grass clippings from hard surfaces. (Some individuals choose to go the extra mile and adopt a landscape bed to maintain.) Typically the lawn is manicured on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday — depending on weather and conditions.

Truth be told, this is one of the more stannous tasks around the church. (It is also the one that saves the church THOUSANDS of dollars over the course of the 6-month season — and of course, that is even more important right now.) Members will need to be comfortable using our self-propelled mowers and preferably be comfortable operating a string trimmer.

New this year, one of our faithful crew members, Jon Latinovich, has graciously volunteered to lead this ministry. Thank you, Jon, for stepping up to lead this very important team!

Please complete this response form to learn more about the Campus Services Mowing Crew!


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    Pam Petruzzi says:

    Let me know when you need the first cut. I think this is either year 4 or 5 for me.

    • Reply
      Life Journey says:

      Awesome! We’ll keep you updated. Thanks for another year of service!

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