Project Loaves & Fishes

During the Corona (COVID-19) pandemic, there will be people–people we know–who will face food scarcity and need the help of others to survive.

The Bible tells us that Jesus once performed a miracle by multiplying just five loaves of bread and two fish to feed five-thousand hungry mouths!

What if we can be like Jesus and perform a modern day miracle by multiplying our resources and helping those in need?

Let’s make it our mission, right now, to share food and necessities with friends, congregants, and the neighbors of our congregants and church campus.  In short, our goal is a modern day miracle to “multiply the bread!”

To do this, we will need:

  • Providers.  Providers are the people who purchase groceries and bring them to the church.
  • Deliverers. Deliverers are the people who deliver the groceries.  (They will deliver only to the door, may not enter anyone’s home, and must keep 6 feet apart when dropping off at door.)

This Project is a beautiful opportunity to be Jesus.  “How does the love of God abide in anyone who has the world’s goods and sees a brother or sister in need and yet refuses to help?”  I John 3:17. Let’s do this!

Please complete the response form below to let us know how you are able to help with Project Loaves & Fishes.


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    Nancy Murray and Janis Lachew says:

    Janis and I are waiting for instructions. Anxious to get started delivering and help any and all who need it.

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    Rodney says:

    I have submitted a request again to help in the delivery of resources to the community. I have submitted 2 other times with no response so I am assuming the previous applications have some how not made it to the right place. Please let me know if I might be able to help.

    • Reply
      Life Journey says:

      Rodney, we are sorry you did not hear back from someone. I looked at the form and it looks like your information has been forwarded to the right person, and you should hear from someone soon. I also spoke with Pastor Jeff about this this morning. He should be reaching out to you to make sure that you get plugged in. Thank you for your patience.

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