Be Prayerful

This Sunday we wrap up our intensive study of The Lord's Prayer.  In that prayer, Jesus identifies THE FOUR MOST IMPORTANT THINGS we can ever pray.   This week we’ll focus on the fourth prayer -- "Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil."  That way of praying seems counterintuitive.  Does God ever "lead […]

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Leaving It In God’s Hands

You've heard people say it before, "Just leave it in God's hands."  But that's easier said than done.  This Sunday we'll grapple with how we can do better at genuinely leaving our fears and worries in God's hands.  Sunday's service will also include extra special music as we celebrate Black History Month.  Don't miss this […]

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While We Are Waiting On Jesus

The season of waiting for Jesus' birth (Advent) begins this Sunday.  Advent reminds us that we too in our time are waiting for Jesus, i.e., his Second Coming.  So this Sunday we'll talk about what it means to wait for Jesus and how we can prepare ourselves for his coming.  On Sunday you'll get to hear […]

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