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Imperfect, But Beautiful

Have you ever known someone like that?  Though imperfect, you see so much of the beauty of God in them, you find yourself wanting to be like them.  And wouldn’t it be great to be that kind of person?  On Sunday we’re going to talk about how to get there, step by step, as we […]

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What’s Our Message?

On Sunday we will continue our intensive study of the first chapter of the New Testament to have been written – I Thessalonians 1.  There we’ll see that the early Christians had a real zeal for sharing their message with others.  Do we?  Should we?  And if so, what’s the best way to go about […]

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Have you ever heard that God has “chosen” certain people?  Have you ever wondered who God “chooses” and how those decisions are made?   This Sunday we’ll explore those questions and more, as we begin a study of the book of First Thessalonians and launch a new sermon series called “The New Testament Mindset.”  This is […]

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Go For It

Are you ready for the New Year? Is your attitude and outlook where you want it to be? Sunday’s sermon will challenge us to make a conscious attitude adjustment that will lift us out of a defensive crouch and put us on the offensive. Let’s tune ourselves up and get ready to march into the […]

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Alone For Christmas

Because of the COVID pandemic, many of us are about to experience one of the strangest, most isolating Christmases ever. Sunday’s sermon will share two practical insights – drawn from the Biblical Christmas story – that could make a huge difference in how you experience Christmas this year.

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The Heart of Christmas

This Sunday we’re going to explore an aspect of the Christmas story that’s often glossed over because it challenges how we think about ourselves and our world.  It might even shock you.  Yet it goes to the very heart of the meaning of Christmas – and the heart of what it means to be a […]

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Waiting For What?

Let’s face it, life is full of waiting – so much so, we can’t live well until we learn to wait well.  So, on Sunday we’re going to take a look at how our ancestors in the faith waited patiently for the coming of the Messiah and ask what we can learn from them about […]

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Are You the One?

This Sunday we'll get a special treat. Pastor Vivian will be preaching! She will wrap up our Thanksgiving sermon series by walking us through a Gospel passage that conveys powerful lessons about both faith and gratitude.

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Free Falling

As we move toward Thanksgiving, we’ll continue to explore how we can grow our sense of gratitude.  This week we’ll study the amazing spiritual and scientific connection between gratitude and generosity – and how these two impulses can powerfully reinforce each other.  Learn something important!

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A Transformational Way To See Life

As we move toward Thanksgiving, we’ll spend the next few weeks exploring how we can grow our sense of gratitude.  This week we’ll study a single Bible verse that has the power to completely change how you see life, but you’ve probably never heard before.  Learn something new!

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What Now?

As election results come in, it looks like a split decision – divided government – a nation divided down the middle.  Across the spectrum, people are feeling anxious, frustrated, and even angry.  What now?  On Sunday we’ll look at three key spiritual principles that can ground us and guide us in times like these.  Join […]

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Everyday Saints

This Sunday, November 1st, is All Saints Day.  We’ll wrap up our sermon series on saints by celebrating everyday saints that we encounter in our own lives.  We’ll explore the common traits that most saintly people share and, in the process, learn how we can come closer to living into their example.

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