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I Hate You

Those words are powerful – some of the most powerful negative impulses we’ll ever feel.  It’s easy to get trapped there – individually and collectively as groups of people. But Jesus calls us to something higher.  This Sunday we’ll explore what that higher calling looks like when applied in practical ways in our daily life. SERMON REFERENCE: […]

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What a Life of Faith Looks Like

This Sunday Pastor Jeff will share an amazing story about two lizards – yes, lizards! – who will show us what a life of deep faith looks like. Are you facing any big challenges in life right now? Do you have loved ones who are facing big challenges? If so, this sermon’s for you.

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Who Gets Into Heaven?

This Sunday we’ll wrap up our sermon series on heaven by tackling the ultimate question: Who gets in?  We’ll do a deep dive into what the Bible says.  You might be surprised.  Jesus had some pretty interesting things to say.  If you’ve ever wondered, “What happens to good people who don’t know Jesus?” – this […]

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When The Threat Becomes The Opportunity

This Sunday is Anniversary Sunday at LifeJourney!  It seems odd to celebrate when everything is so disrupted by COVID and we can only gather online.  For perspective, we’re going to look to a great Bible story that gives insight into how God works through even life’s greatest disruptions.  If you’re looking for some encouragement and […]

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Where is Heaven? And When Does It Start?

Would it surprise you that Christians do not agree on the answers to those questions?  This Sunday we’ll explore several differences of interpretation, evaluate them, stretch our imagination, and in the process learn two powerful practical lessons for how we should live right now.

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Heaven’s Greatest Surprise

What role, if any, will suffering play in heaven?  This Sunday we’ll explore a Bible passage that answers that question in a way that may knock your socks off – and forever change the way you view suffering.

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What Will Heaven Feel Like? 

Do you ever wonder what it will “feel” like to be in heaven?  That’s what we’ll explore this week.  For guidance, we’ll look at one of the most intriguing passages about heaven found in the book of Revelation.  And in the process, we’ll gain insight as to how we can experience a bit more heaven […]

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Will Heaven Be Boring?

In the popular imagination, heaven is often pictured as a place of eternal rest, kind of like an old folks’ home in the sky. Nothin’ to do but sit around on clouds and play harps. To most of us, that doesn’t sound very uninviting. As we continue our sermon series on heaven, this Sunday we’re […]

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What Will Heaven Be Like

This Sunday we launch a new sermon series exploring what the Bible does (and doesn’t) say about heaven.  We’ll explore questions like:  What will we do there?  Who will be there?  Where is it?  When does it start?  Should I dare to believe it?  How have Christians differed on the subject?  How does the way I […]

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How To Be An Effective Prophet

With July 4th upon us and Juneteenth recently behind us, it’s that time of year when we think about our nation and how we can form a more perfect union.  In that spirit, we’ll take some time on Sunday to explore three critical lessons from the great prophets of the Bible about how we, like the […]

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Holiness – A Queer Concept

This Sunday we will be celebrating LBGTQ Pride at LifeJourney!  The sermon will focus on a core teaching of Jesus that’s critical to understanding what He came to teach us and why God affirms same-sex relationships.

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Three Fathers, Three Lessons

Our parents are complex people.  Being a parent is complex.  Some of life’s most charged feelings revolve around our parents.  Life is usually not as simple as having perfect parents or perfectly awful parents.  Most parents fall somewhere in between, complex blends of strengths and weaknesses, triumphs and failures.  To try to put it all […]

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