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We all know what it feels like when circumstances close in on us and we feel trapped.  That’s what this Sunday’s Bible story is about – being trapped – how it happens and how to get out when it does.

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The One Thing God Cannot Do

This Sunday we will explore a great Old Testament story that is one of the weirdest in the Bible, yet offers profound insight about God.  Specifically, we’re going to learn the one thing that God cannot do.  (And it’s not what you think.)  Join us as we solve the mystery.

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The People I Love To Hate

Sometimes we encounter a person – or a faction of people – who do such bad things we can hardly keep ourselves from hating them, or at least burning with anger toward them.  In those times, what should we do?  Surely God doesn’t want us to just look the other way while they do bad […]

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 Vision of Your Divine Inheritance

The mundane cycles of life can sometimes cause us to forget who we really are in the spiritual realm.  This Sunday, we'll explore the realities of our spiritual heritage in Christ and refine our vision of what our divine inheritance looks like.  When we gain insight into our spiritual identity and inheritance, it changes how […]

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The Circle of Life

Fear plays a big part in our lives – fear of living and fear of dying.  This Sunday we’ll explore an epic Old Testament Scripture that invites us to develop a more confident, hopeful view of both life and death.  Join us to learn something important about yourself and about God.

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My God vs. Your God

There are a whole lot of different ways people see God.  And we often hear people say, “All paths lead to God.”  So does it really matter how we see God?  And if so, how?  This Sunday we’ll explore a great Bible story that digs deep into those questions.

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Where in your life are you experiencing scarcity?  How would you finish this sentence, “I don’t have enough _______.”  Not enough time?  Not enough money?  Not enough love?  Not enough patience?  This Sunday we’ll examine an epic Bible story that shows us how to transform scarcity into sufficiency.

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When A Dream Dies

Life is full of unexpected plot twists that throw us for a loop.  How we respond in those times can make all the difference.  This week we’ll explore a Bible passage that offers deep insight into what to do – and not to do – when life serves up a bitter disappointment.

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Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Most of us long to feel close to God.  But do you know when and how we’re most likely to encounter God in powerful, deep, mystical ways?  That’s what we’re going to talk about on Sunday.  If you want to grow the depth of your connection to God, this sermon is for you.

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Is Life Meaningless?

Solomon, a great king, successful by all measures, looked back on his life and called it all meaningless.  We strive and reach for all kinds of things to find meaning in our lives, and no matter how far we go, we always want more.  Is there something more?  Some meaning, some light worth chasing?  Come, […]

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The Gift

Why did Jesus start this thing called “the church”?  Is the church actually doing what it’s supposed to?  And how do we as individuals fit into it all?  Those are some of the questions we’ll explore this Sunday, as we celebrate our church’s 28th Anniversary!  Come and be inspired!

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This Crazy Thing Called Life

This Sunday we’ll take a deep dive into one of the most famous passages in all of Scripture – Psalm 23 – discovering powerful, practical wisdom for surviving and thriving in this crazy, mixed-up world.

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