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Everyday Saints

This Sunday, November 1st, is All Saints Day.  We’ll wrap up our sermon series on saints by celebrating everyday saints that we encounter in our own lives.  We’ll explore the common traits that most saintly people share and, in the process, learn how we can come closer to living into their example.

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The Patron Saint of LGBTQ People

We’re in a sermon series where we’re learning about some of the great saints of church history.  This Sunday we’re going to take a look at the life of someone who’s probably done more than anyone ever to open the church to LGBTQ people.  We’ll ask what practical lessons we can learn from the life […]

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Lessons From St. Joan of Arc

This Sunday we’ll continue our sermon series about some of the great saints throughout church history by focusing on one of the most colorful and unlikely of all the saints.  She only lived to be 19.  Yet she accomplished something that no one thought possible, especially for a woman of her time.  We’ll draw two […]

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Lessons From St. Francis

This Sunday Pastor Jeff will launch a new sermon series about some of the great saints throughout church history.  This week we’ll start with the amazing life of St. Francis, learning a bit about him and drawing insights for how we can live more fully and follow Jesus more closely.

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A Dwelling Place for God

Do you ever feel like you’re wandering aimlessly through life? Or do you need greater fulfillment or a sense of divine presence assisting you as you live out your purpose in life? If so, then this Sunday’s message is for you. We will explore what it means to be a dwelling place for God, and […]

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All My Failures

We all live with a keen sense of our failures.  Time and again, we mess up.  How does a healthy spiritual person address that?  This Sunday we’ll explore a three-fold pattern of wholeness embedded in the Old Testament and reflected in the highest holy day on the Jewish calendar – Yom Kippur.  Join us Sunday […]

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The Hero’s Journey

This week we’ll begin a brief, three-week sermon series about the Jewish High Holy Days.  Our focus on Sunday will be Rosh ha-Shana, the Jewish New Year – which Jews around the world will be celebrating on Sunday!  As we explore the meaning of Rosh ha-Shana, each of us will be challenged to examine how […]

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I Hear You

Last week we talked about how “loving our neighbor as ourselves” requires a willingness to listen deeply, especially when our neighbor’s life experience differs from our own.  This week we’ll get a chance to practice that.  Pastor Jeff will do an interview sermon with Jamie Burier.  He and his wife are fairly new to LifeJourney.  Jamie […]

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I Hate You

Those words are powerful – some of the most powerful negative impulses we’ll ever feel.  It’s easy to get trapped there – individually and collectively as groups of people. But Jesus calls us to something higher.  This Sunday we’ll explore what that higher calling looks like when applied in practical ways in our daily life. SERMON REFERENCE: […]

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What a Life of Faith Looks Like

This Sunday Pastor Jeff will share an amazing story about two lizards – yes, lizards! – who will show us what a life of deep faith looks like. Are you facing any big challenges in life right now? Do you have loved ones who are facing big challenges? If so, this sermon’s for you.

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Who Gets Into Heaven?

This Sunday we’ll wrap up our sermon series on heaven by tackling the ultimate question: Who gets in?  We’ll do a deep dive into what the Bible says.  You might be surprised.  Jesus had some pretty interesting things to say.  If you’ve ever wondered, “What happens to good people who don’t know Jesus?” – this […]

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When The Threat Becomes The Opportunity

This Sunday is Anniversary Sunday at LifeJourney!  It seems odd to celebrate when everything is so disrupted by COVID and we can only gather online.  For perspective, we’re going to look to a great Bible story that gives insight into how God works through even life’s greatest disruptions.  If you’re looking for some encouragement and […]

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