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Seven Last Words of Christ

If you had only seven last words to say, what would they be? Would they be forgiving, life-giving, a window into your soul? How could your words communicate what's truly important? In this Good Friday message, LifeJourney Pastors explore the seven last statements of Jesus while he struggled on the cross. What was Jesus communicating […]

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Jesus’ Scars and Ours

Sometimes life can careen from the greatest heights to the lowest lows in a whipstitch.  The pain and whiplash can be devastating.  How well do you deal with your pain?  This Sunday, Palm Sunday, we’ll mark the beginning of Holy Week with a sermon that focuses on the epic events of the last week of Jesus’ […]

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What Should I Do?

What is God trying to accomplish in and through you in the present global crisis?  With everything discombobulated, is there any rhyme or reason to your present circumstance?  This Sunday Pastor Jeff will share the answer that God gave him in a dream this week – an answer drawn from one of Jesus’ least familiar […]

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We Will Not Be Victims!

The coronavirus news keeps washing over us.  Life is completely turned upside down.  Many of us feel a lot of fear, and there are reasonable reasons to be afraid.  But . . . there are also some really important spiritual principles that can help us live well even in these crazy times.  Join us this Sunday to […]

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Every Crisis An Opportunity

Here we are in the midst of a global pandemic and economic meltdown.  Beyond that, we all have our own personal crises.  To live is to experience crisis.  Sunday’s sermon will take a close look at how Jesus responded to crisis in his own life, offering us insight that can help us immeasurably. If you […]

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Jesus vs. Coronavirus

Ok, so maybe you chuckled at the title.  But this is serious.  All the anxious talk about coronavirus can be disorienting.  So much uncertainty.  If Jesus were here right now, what would he say to us?  Join us on Sunday for something practical that will actually lift you up and help you find the right […]

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Unburdening Ourselves of Our Judgments

Jesus says, “Judge not.”  But that’s easier said than done.  The urge to judge others severely is so strong it often feels overwhelming.  It’s hard to stop even when it poisons our soul.  This Sunday we’ll explore several spiritual principles that can help us to finally lay down the heavy burden of judging others.

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This Is Us

This Sunday we’ll look at a parable that reflects the deepest passion of Jesus’ heart, and consider what it would mean for us to reflect that same passion, as individuals and as a church.  If you’ve been thinking of inviting someone to church, this would be a great Sunday for them to get acquainted with […]

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The Pressure of Pretending

So what does God really want from us?  Many of us have been taught that God’s love is conditioned on our good behavior.  So we end up doing everything we can to appear to be perfect in order to earn God’s love and feel good about ourselves, resulting in a life full of pressure, stress, […]

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Nefarious Otherworldly Forces

Spiritual mystics throughout the ages have warned us that nefarious otherworldly forces – Satan and demons – are an unseen part of every human struggle.  Jesus himself seemed to agree.  So what should 21st century believers make of all this?  Is there really a spiritual dimension to every problem?  If so, how should we respond?  Join […]

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How Does Prayer Work?

Everybody says, “You should pray,” but nobody tells us how to do it – effectively.  Everybody says, “Prayer changes things,” but nobody explains how.  Would you like to understand prayer better?  Join us on Sunday, as we explore what Jesus taught about prayer.

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How to Think About God

Scholars tell us that one of Jesus’ core teachings about God was so revolutionary it “seemed disrespectful, indeed unthinkable, to the sensibilities of Jesus’ contemporaries.” (Source: Joachim Jeremias, New Testament Theology.)  This Sunday we’ll explore that revolutionary aspect of Jesus’ teachings and how it can transform the way we feel about life and God.

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