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Heaven’s Greatest Surprise

What role, if any, will suffering play in heaven?  This Sunday we’ll explore a Bible passage that answers that question in a way that may knock your socks off – and forever change the way you view suffering.

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What Will Heaven Feel Like? 

Do you ever wonder what it will “feel” like to be in heaven?  That’s what we’ll explore this week.  For guidance, we’ll look at one of the most intriguing passages about heaven found in the book of Revelation.  And in the process, we’ll gain insight as to how we can experience a bit more heaven […]

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Will Heaven Be Boring?

In the popular imagination, heaven is often pictured as a place of eternal rest, kind of like an old folks’ home in the sky. Nothin’ to do but sit around on clouds and play harps. To most of us, that doesn’t sound very uninviting. As we continue our sermon series on heaven, this Sunday we’re […]

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What Will Heaven Be Like

This Sunday we launch a new sermon series exploring what the Bible does (and doesn’t) say about heaven.  We’ll explore questions like:  What will we do there?  Who will be there?  Where is it?  When does it start?  Should I dare to believe it?  How have Christians differed on the subject?  How does the way I […]

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How To Be An Effective Prophet

With July 4th upon us and Juneteenth recently behind us, it’s that time of year when we think about our nation and how we can form a more perfect union.  In that spirit, we’ll take some time on Sunday to explore three critical lessons from the great prophets of the Bible about how we, like the […]

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Holiness – A Queer Concept

This Sunday we will be celebrating LBGTQ Pride at LifeJourney!  The sermon will focus on a core teaching of Jesus that’s critical to understanding what He came to teach us and why God affirms same-sex relationships.

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Three Fathers, Three Lessons

Our parents are complex people.  Being a parent is complex.  Some of life’s most charged feelings revolve around our parents.  Life is usually not as simple as having perfect parents or perfectly awful parents.  Most parents fall somewhere in between, complex blends of strengths and weaknesses, triumphs and failures.  To try to put it all […]

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Impulse Control

This week we’ll conclude our current sermon series by exploring the 9th core characteristic of a Spirit-filled life – self-control.  Studies show that our level of self-control – a learned trait – is a stronger predictor of success in life than many other factors, including intelligence.  We’ll explore several biblical principles that can help us grow our self-control, […]

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The Grit of Greatness

This week Pastor Jeff is going to talk to us about the 8th core characteristic of a Spirit-filled person.  The Greek word Paul uses for the 8th characteristic is “pistis.”  The meaning of the word is profound and potentially life-changing.  Invite a friend to tune in with you.

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Transformational Kindness

In recent weeks, we’ve been exploring the core characteristics of a Spirit-filled person.  This Sunday – Pentecost Sunday – we’ll continue that theme by focusing on the kindness.  In the process, we’ll look at some oft neglected stories buried deep in the Old Testament that contain rich teachings about what it means to simply be […]

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How Good Is Good Enough?

What’s the difference between being religious and spiritual?  Being religious is often associated with rote rule-keeping.  Rules, rules, rules.  Being spiritual is completely different and so much more beautiful!  That’s what we’re going to explore this Sunday as we continue our sermon series about being salt and light in a hurting world.

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Think of someone you’ve known who exudes gentleness and patience.  Wouldn’t you like to be more like them?  As we all know, it’s easier said than done.  But this Sunday we’ll explore some ideas that might help, as we continue our sermon series about being salt and light in a hurting world.

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