Caught In The Very Act

Those are some of the worst words in the English language.  You know the feeling.  You got caught or you catch somebody “in the very act.”  You have them dead to rights, or they’ve got you dead to rights.  What now?  What happens next is CRITICAL to both the offender and the offended.  That’s what […]

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Why Even Bother?

Have you ever messed something up so bad that you feel like throwing your hands up and quitting?  Do you ever get so down on yourself you wonder how God could use you for anything, let alone something really important?  If so, Sunday’s sermon is for you.  Come and be encouraged.

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The Two Angels Within You

Did you know that many early Christians believed that there are two angels within each of us?  Do you know who those angels are and what they’re up to?  Do you know how to harness their power for good?  Join us on Sunday as we study an ancient book called “The Shepherd of Hermas” that circulated widely […]

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