Taking My Relationships to the Next Level

Relationships are really hard.  Not just spousal relationships, but also relationships with children, parents, siblings, friends, coworkers, etc.  This Sunday we’re going to talk about some Biblical principles for growing the strength and quality of our relationships, as Pastor Jeff continues a series of four January sermons on the theme of "Taking My Life to […]

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Taking My Spiritual Life to the Next Level

On Sunday Pastor Jeff will share the first of four January sermons on the theme of "Taking My Life to the Next Level."  We'll begin this week by exploring how we can take our spiritual life to the next level.  Each of us will be invited to consider, "How am I doing spiritually?" and, "What […]

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Contact Tracing

You’ve heard the phrase thrown about a lot lately, but on Sunday we’re going to explore it from a very different angle. According to the Bible, every contact we have with someone else leaves an enduring trace on them and us – for better or worse. If we want to be Jesus’ hands and feet […]

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