The Gift

Why did Jesus start this thing called “the church”?  Is the church actually doing what it’s supposed to?  And how do we as individuals fit into it all?  Those are some of the questions we’ll explore this Sunday, as we celebrate our church’s 28th Anniversary!  Come and be inspired! Today's Scripture Ephesians 2:11-22 Discussion Questions "Going […]

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What is it?  Do you have it?  Is it contagious?  No, actually it’s a good thing – a really WONDERFUL thing.  And it’s critical to the quality of your spiritual life.  Join us this Sunday to find out if you’ve got it! Today's Scripture Acts 2:37-47 Discussion Questions "Going Deeper" Sunday Headlines Weekly Bulletin

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Past, Present, and Future

This Sunday we mark the 25th Anniversary of LifeJourney Church – celebrating (in word and song) all that God has done in, and through, us – and reminding ourselves of the purpose for which God has raised up a church like ours.  Don’t miss this awesome Sunday of celebration that comes only once every 25 […]

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