Finding Our Balance

Some of us grew up in religious circles that were harsh and judgmental – good riddance.  Having seen how ugly that is, we could easily go to the opposite extreme – anything goes.  But that has its own problems.  So how does a New Testament believer living in an age of grace find the right […]

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A Transformational Way To See Life

As we move toward Thanksgiving, we’ll spend the next few weeks exploring how we can grow our sense of gratitude.  This week we’ll study a single Bible verse that has the power to completely change how you see life, but you’ve probably never heard before.  Learn something new!

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Unburdening Ourselves of Our Judgments

Jesus says, “Judge not.”  But that’s easier said than done.  The urge to judge others severely is so strong it often feels overwhelming.  It’s hard to stop even when it poisons our soul.  This Sunday we’ll explore several spiritual principles that can help us to finally lay down the heavy burden of judging others.

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