When Disaster Strikes

Life is chalked full of disasters – moral failure, job loss, divorce, injustice, bankruptcy, serious illness, death of a dream, death of a loved one.  Nothing can be harder on us – or our faith – than when disaster strikes.  So this Sunday we will consider what happens with faith meets disaster.  How can/should faith […]

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When I’m Stuck

It happens to all of us.  We get stuck in one or more areas of our life.  We know something needs to change, but it’s not happening.  This Sunday we’ll explore a Gospel story where a man who was terribly stuck encountered Jesus.  We’ll see what wisdom Jesus shared that allowed the man to get […]

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We Will Not Be Victims!

The coronavirus news keeps washing over us.  Life is completely turned upside down.  Many of us feel a lot of fear, and there are reasonable reasons to be afraid.  But . . . there are also some really important spiritual principles that can help us live well even in these crazy times.  Join us this Sunday to […]

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