The Most Important Sermon EVER

The most important sermon ever will be preached on Sunday at LifeJourney Church – not because of who preaches it and not because of how its presented, but because it will be about Jesus’ secret formula for living abundant life.  If you want to live your best life, join us on Sunday for the third installment in our sermon […]

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Your Secret Healing Power

On Sunday, we continue our new sermon series called “The Beauty Of Christ – Living In Me.”  This week’s Gospel story seeks to awaken us to a secret healing power entrusted to each of us who follows Jesus.  Do you know what that power is?  Do you know how to use it?  Join us on Sunday to […]

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Become What You Receive

This Sunday we launch a new sermon series called “The Beauty Of Christ – Living In Me.” Each week we’ll pick a different Gospel story, ask what Jesus does in that story that’s so compelling, then consider what it would look like for us to incorporate that characteristic in our own lives. Join us on […]

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The Gift

At church this Sunday, an angel has a message specifically for you from God.  Don’t miss it!  Join us for our new Christmas sermon series – “Voices of Angels.”

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