The Season of Hope

As Christmas approaches, we’re going to hear the word “hope” bandied about a lot.  “Tis the season for Hope!” greeting cards declare.  Yeah, but what does that mean when you (or someone you love) faces cancer or divorce or job loss or rejection or general malaise?  On Sunday we’ll get real, ask, and answer that tough question.

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When Will Jesus Come Again?

This Sunday we conclude our sermon series on Jesus by exploring the promise of his Second Coming.  What does that mean?  What are the different ways Christians have interpreted this promise?  When will it be?  And how does any of this apply to how I live from day to day?

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Who Is Jesus?

Suppose someone asked you that question and you could only say one thing to capture the essence of Jesus, what would you say?  That's the question we'll explore this Sunday as we continue our sermon series on "Great Questions of Faith."  For guidance, we will look to an epic vision of heaven recorded in the book of […]

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Stressed Out

Life is full of chaos, problems, and pain.  The stress of it all often feels overwhelming.  This Sunday, we’ll resume our “Ghost Stories” sermon series about the Holy Spirit by studying a passage of Scripture that teaches us how we can experience supernatural peace and comfort in our times of greatest challenge.  Join us for […]

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Where Is God When We Are Scared?

This Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week – the week during which Jesus experienced unimaginable terror – terror so great he cried out, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”  This Sunday we’ll explore how we should cope with similar “Godforsaken” moments in our own life. 

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