Why Does God Allow The Poor To Suffer?

Have you ever wondered about that?  As we continue in our sermon series on Psalms, this Sunday we’re going to delve into a song (i.e., psalm) that describes the suffering of the poor.  As we do so, we’ll grapple with the meaning of the Hebrew term for “poor” (hint: it’s not what you think), how […]

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The Wonder Of It All

We are surrounded by the dazzling wonder of God’s creation.  Everywhere we look, we see amazing beauty and complexity.  No wonder the Bible says that “God so loved the world. . . .” John 3:16.  But what are the implications of all this for us humans?  As the highest and most powerful creatures in God’s […]

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Look Out World, Here We Come!

There is so much about modern Christianity that feels wrong.  We have wandered far from Jesus.  But God’s Spirit is stirring and creating change, and we get to be part of that!  In preparation for our Annual Congregational Meeting next week, this Sunday Pastor Jeff will share a rousing vision of what God is calling […]

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