The Drama of Human Conflict

Are you at odds with anyone in your life?  Do you struggle with how to respond?  This Sunday, as we continue exploring profound life lessons embedded in the Biblical creation story, we move into the part of the story where two brothers, Cain and Abel, become deadly enemies.  If you’ve ever experienced broken relationships, you […]

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Who Is Jesus?

Suppose someone asked you that question and you could only say one thing to capture the essence of Jesus, what would you say?  That's the question we'll explore this Sunday as we continue our sermon series on "Great Questions of Faith."  For guidance, we will look to an epic vision of heaven recorded in the book of […]

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Destiny’s Child

Did you know that God has endowed you with a certain spiritual genius that you are meant to share with the world?  Do you know how to unleash that potential?  Join us on Sunday as we study a passage that tells us how – Ephesians 4.

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People Problems

People problems are everywhere we go, every day of the week – there’s no avoiding it.  So what are we supposed to learn from all these people problems, and how can we do better?  This Sunday we’ll explore 4 specific ways to better manage our people problems, as we continue our new sermon series called […]

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