Broken World, Broken Politics

Are you tempted to despair at the state of political affairs in our nation?  At one time or another, every single one of us is bound to feel that way.  So what should we do?  In Bible times, our ancestors in faith faced political challenges beyond our wildest imagination.  This Sunday we’ll look to their […]

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The Drama of Human Conflict

Are you at odds with anyone in your life?  Do you struggle with how to respond?  This Sunday, as we continue exploring profound life lessons embedded in the Biblical creation story, we move into the part of the story where two brothers, Cain and Abel, become deadly enemies.  If you’ve ever experienced broken relationships, you […]

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Three People You’ll Meet In Heaven

This week we’ll wrap up our sermon series on “How To Neighbor” by reminding ourselves of three key people each one of us is going to meet at some point in our journey here on earth – and once again in heaven.  We will consider what we can be doing now to make sure our […]

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