How Will God Judge Me?

It’s one of our greatest anxieties.  When I stand before God, how will I be evaluated?  Even right now as God looks down on my life, how does God feel about how I’m doing?  This Sunday Pastor Jeff will invite us to explore three Bible verses that are critical to understanding how God evaluates us.  […]

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Eternity Perspective

As we continue our intensive study of the book of Second Corinthians, this Sunday we come to a passage that challenges us to reimagine life from an eternal perspective.  What does that mean?  How does it change things?  Why is it so important to my current quality of life?  Those are the questions we’ll explore […]

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Lost In The Story

Pastor Jeff's COVID isolation period is over, he's feeling great, and will be preaching on Sunday, as we begin to wind down our sermon series on Encounters With Christ.  This week we'll learn something powerful from two nameless people who encountered Jesus on the cross.

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