Nefarious Otherworldly Forces

Spiritual mystics throughout the ages have warned us that nefarious otherworldly forces – Satan and demons – are an unseen part of every human struggle.  Jesus himself seemed to agree.  So what should 21st century believers make of all this?  Is there really a spiritual dimension to every problem?  If so, how should we respond?  Join […]

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When Will Jesus Come Again?

This Sunday we conclude our sermon series on Jesus by exploring the promise of his Second Coming.  What does that mean?  What are the different ways Christians have interpreted this promise?  When will it be?  And how does any of this apply to how I live from day to day?

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Jesus’ Core Perspective

How would you describe your core perspective on life if you had to reduce it to a single sentence?  Suppose we were to ask the same question about Jesus – what was his core perspective? – then compare it to our own.  That’s what we’re going to do on Sunday, as we continue our sermon […]

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The Two Angels Within You

Did you know that many early Christians believed that there are two angels within each of us?  Do you know who those angels are and what they’re up to?  Do you know how to harness their power for good?  Join us on Sunday as we study an ancient book called “The Shepherd of Hermas” that circulated widely […]

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When Good Angels Go Bad

There’s a book that’s part of the Bible used by 50 million Ethiopian Orthodox Christians that isn’t in our Bible.  It’s a book that greatly influenced the New Testament and is often referenced by the early Church Fathers.  And it has a powerful, practical message for us today.  Yet you’ve probably never heard of it.  […]

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The Devil – Really?

This Sunday we’ll continue our new sermon series on “Difficult Questions of Faith” by asking what thoughtful, 21st century Christians should believe about the devil and demons.  We’ll explore three different interpretive options, then you can decide for yourself.  In our conversation, we’ll also identify an insight embedded in all three options that offers practical guidance for […]

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