It’s what we all want.  For ourselves, others, and the world.  This Sunday we wrap up our sermon series on a famous Christmas prophecy describing who Jesus would be.  Our focus this week will be on the claim that Jesus is the “Prince of Peace.”  We’ll explore three core spiritual principles that can make the […]

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Sleep Debts and Play Deficits

Are you frazzled?  Stretched too thin?  Does it feel like your life is out-of-balance?  If so, Jesus has something to say to you.  Join us on Sunday as we tackle Brené Brown’s Guidepost No. 6 for wholehearted living: cultivating play and rest . . . by letting go of exhaustion as a status symbol and […]

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Not Enough

Scarcity is a fact of life. Every time we turn around, it seems like we’re lacking something – not enough time, money, energy, love, opportunity, etc., etc.  This week we’ll learn how to turn scarcity into abundance.  This is the third step in our ongoing sermon series called, “If we knew now what they knew […]

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