How Good Is Good Enough?

What’s the difference between being religious and spiritual?  Being religious is often associated with rote rule-keeping.  Rules, rules, rules.  Being spiritual is completely different and so much more beautiful!  That’s what we’re going to explore this Sunday as we continue our sermon series about being salt and light in a hurting world.

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The Joy of Giving

On Sunday we will continue digging deeper into the meaning of the Biblical Christmas story, exploring where the tradition of Christmas gift-giving comes from – and how that’s meant to ripple through our lives.  Join us in this holy season, as we prepare our hearts for the coming of the Christ child.

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Master Your Money

Did you know that there’s an Old Testament book that appears in the Bible of half the world’s Christians that was written by someone named Jesus?  (Not the Jesus we know, but a great teacher who shared the same name and lived 200 years before our Jesus.)  This Sunday we’ll study that ancient book, taking special note […]

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The Most Important Sermon EVER

The most important sermon ever will be preached on Sunday at LifeJourney Church – not because of who preaches it and not because of how its presented, but because it will be about Jesus’ secret formula for living abundant life.  If you want to live your best life, join us on Sunday for the third installment in our sermon […]

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Fear That There Won’t Be Enough

Will there be enough time tomorrow to get everything done?  Will there be enough money to pay the bills – and eventually retire?  Do you have enough talent to succeed, or enough personality to be popular?  Everywhere we turn in life, we face the temptation to worry that there won’t be enough.  This Sunday we’ll […]

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How Does God Judge Me?

We all have weaknesses – areas in life where we really struggle.  How does God judge us in those areas?  This Sunday we’ll look at a story where Jesus tackles that question.  What he says will probably surprise you – and offer great hope!

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