I Hear You

Last week we talked about how “loving our neighbor as ourselves” requires a willingness to listen deeply, especially when our neighbor’s life experience differs from our own.  This week we’ll get a chance to practice that.  Pastor Jeff will do an interview sermon with Jamie Burier.  He and his wife are fairly new to LifeJourney.  Jamie […]

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I Hate You

Those words are powerful – some of the most powerful negative impulses we’ll ever feel.  It’s easy to get trapped there – individually and collectively as groups of people. But Jesus calls us to something higher.  This Sunday we’ll explore what that higher calling looks like when applied in practical ways in our daily life. SERMON REFERENCE: […]

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How Could This Happen?

You saw what happened in Orlando.  You remember what happened at Mother Emanuel Church – and Sandy Hook and San Bernardino and. . . .Why does this keep happening?  And what can we do about it?  This Sunday we’ll explore some deep insights Jesus offers, as we launch into a new sermon series called “How […]

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