Who Killed Jesus?

This Sunday Pastor Jeff begins a new sermon series that explores who bears ultimate responsibility for the death of Jesus.  Many different people had a motive to remove Jesus from the scene, including some who will really surprise you.  There will be unexpected plot twists.  We will look at the case against each suspect, then […]

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Where Do You Belong?

This Sunday, July 11, Pastor Vivian will preach her finale sermon before retiring at the end of July.  She will preach at both services on Sunday, sharing beautiful memories while reminding us of several critically important spiritual lessons.  Don’t miss this beautiful moment in the life of our church!

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The Gift

Why did Jesus start this thing called “the church”?  Is the church actually doing what it’s supposed to?  And how do we as individuals fit into it all?  Those are some of the questions we’ll explore this Sunday, as we celebrate our church’s 28th Anniversary!  Come and be inspired!

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