Doctor, Doctor

As we continue our quest to experience Jesus at a deeper level, this Sunday we’ll explore Jesus as healer.  What was it that made Jesus a healer?  How can we become healers?  Join us Sunday to find out!

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The Things We Do To Our Body

Virtually all of us want to take better care of our bodies.  But let’s be honest; making healthy change is really hard.  This Sunday we’re going to look at what the Bible has to say about that.  No sugar coating.  No pretending it’s easier than it is.  But some thoughtful ideas that just might help.

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Getting Older

Moment by moment, something ominous is happening to each and every one of us – we’re getting older.  Yet we never talk about it!  This Sunday we will.  We’ll ask why God thought it was a good idea to place us in a reality where aging is pervasive, taking our key clue from something Jesus […]

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