Palm Sunday – What’s The Point?

It’s one of the most celebrated days on the Christian calendar – full of pomp and ceremony, palm branches and pretend parades.  But why?  Why should I care?  You could spend your whole life in church and never understand the personal significance of Palm Sunday.  This Sunday we’ll fix that.

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Finding Our Balance

Some of us grew up in religious circles that were harsh and judgmental – good riddance.  Having seen how ugly that is, we could easily go to the opposite extreme – anything goes.  But that has its own problems.  So how does a New Testament believer living in an age of grace find the right […]

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The People I Love To Hate

Sometimes we encounter a person – or a faction of people – who do such bad things we can hardly keep ourselves from hating them, or at least burning with anger toward them.  In those times, what should we do?  Surely God doesn’t want us to just look the other way while they do bad […]

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