I Hate You

Those words are powerful – some of the most powerful negative impulses we’ll ever feel.  It’s easy to get trapped there – individually and collectively as groups of people. But Jesus calls us to something higher.  This Sunday we’ll explore what that higher calling looks like when applied in practical ways in our daily life. SERMON REFERENCE: […]

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Building Stronger Relationships

On Sunday we’ll continue our New Year sermon series called “Getting Myself Together.”  This Sunday we’ll reflect on the quality of our relationships with others (spouses, parents, children, siblings, friends and coworkers), benchmarking ourselves against four core relationship principles found in the Bible, considering where we have room to grow.  If you value the relationships […]

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Quality Lifetime Relationships

This Sunday, we resume our study of the New Testament book of Ephesians by tackling a passage that will help us grow our capacity to sustain beautiful lifetime relationships – with spouses, children, parents, siblings, and friends.  We’ll focus on two core principles that have the power to make all the difference.

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