Imago Dei

This week our new Family Life Pastor, Rev. Tandy Adams, will tell us a little bit about herself, then talk to us about the Biblical concept of “imago dei” and what that means for our everyday lives.  Learn something important, even as we get acquainted with our newest pastor!

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Lessons from Science for Faith

On Sunday Pastor Jeff will wrap up our Faith & Science sermon series inspired by Dr. Francis Collins’ best-selling book “The Language of God.”  This week we’ll explore how a Gospel story, coupled with two powerful experiences from Dr. Collins’ life in science, can help us find God’s will in our life.  If you want […]

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How Did God Create Human Life?

As we continue our faith and science sermon series, this Sunday we’ll take a look at the debate between those who believe God created human life on a single day versus those who believe God created through the process of evolution.  We’ll explore what’s at stake in this debate, but then move beyond it to […]

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