The Wind Beneath My Wings

Who are the people who have inspired you to live a life of faith?  Who are the people you have (or could still) inspire to live a life of faith?  Those are the questions we’re going to grapple with on Sunday as we study a powerful Gospel story, celebrate our Mothers and Grandmothers, and consider […]

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Everyday Saints

This Sunday, November 1st, is All Saints Day.  We’ll wrap up our sermon series on saints by celebrating everyday saints that we encounter in our own lives.  We’ll explore the common traits that most saintly people share and, in the process, learn how we can come closer to living into their example.

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The Patron Saint of LGBTQ People

We’re in a sermon series where we’re learning about some of the great saints of church history.  This Sunday we’re going to take a look at the life of someone who’s probably done more than anyone ever to open the church to LGBTQ people.  We’ll ask what practical lessons we can learn from the life […]

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