God’s Core Passion

A bright sunny day lifts our mood.  A dark stormy day has the opposite effect.  The weather that surrounds us affects us profoundly.  Our understanding of who God is, and how God feels about us, can have the same effect.  It becomes the atmosphere that surrounds us and colors how we feel about all of […]

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Existential Questions

To be human is to have questions – deep existential questions about life and its meaning.  This Sunday we’ll look at Jesus’ dramatic encounter with Pontius Pilate and explore three great questions Pilate asked Jesus at his trial.

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The Other Creation Story

Did you know that there are two creation stories in the Bible?  One of the stories we’re very familiar with; the other not so much.  But we need to have a good understanding of both stories to fully appreciate God’s creative work in our lives.  So this Sunday, as we launch our August sermon series […]

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