The Good Life

In your mind’s eye, what does “the good life” look like?  What are the essential ingredients that make life meaningful?  This week Jesus is going to tell us what he thinks about that, as we come to the fourth installment in our sermon series called “The Parables of Jesus: Eight Critical Life Lessons.”

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Game of Thrones

This Sunday Pastor Jeff resumes our sermon series on the Old Testament book of Daniel, as we explore a vivid story about a king who went mad and lost his throne, only to recover it again.  Why should we care?  Because there’s so much we learn from that king’s experience about how to find our […]

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Who Killed Jesus? Suspect #3

Sometimes life backs us into a corner and forces us to make difficult choices that demand great courage and sacrifice.  How courageous are you?  What makes the difference between people who rise to an occasion and those who don’t?  These are some of the questions we’ll discuss on Sunday, as we continue exploring who bears […]

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