The Painful Joy of Forgiving

Again and again the Bible tells us to forgive.  We tend to think forgiving is for the benefit of the offending person and find ourselves thinking, “Why should I let them off the hook?  They’re not even sorry.”  Actually, forgiving is not about the offender.  It’s about our own quality of life and our impact […]

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The Power of Negative Thinking

You’ve heard about the “the power of positive thinking.”  There’s a lot of truth in that.  But the reverse is also true.  Negative thinking can be just as powerful in destructive ways.  This week we’ll explore a passage in Second Corinthians that offers insights into how we can overcome the power of negative thinking.  None […]

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Heaven’s Greatest Surprise

What role, if any, will suffering play in heaven?  This Sunday we’ll explore a Bible passage that answers that question in a way that may knock your socks off – and forever change the way you view suffering.

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