What a Life of Faith Looks Like

This Sunday Pastor Jeff will share an amazing story about two lizards – yes, lizards! – who will show us what a life of deep faith looks like. Are you facing any big challenges in life right now? Do you have loved ones who are facing big challenges? If so, this sermon’s for you.

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How Does Prayer Work?

Everybody says, “You should pray,” but nobody tells us how to do it – effectively.  Everybody says, “Prayer changes things,” but nobody explains how.  Would you like to understand prayer better?  Join us on Sunday, as we explore what Jesus taught about prayer.

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Didn’t See That Coming

Once there was a man who felt called to do something really important in life.  He threw himself into it with passion and accomplished something great!  But then his life's work was destroyed.  What did he do next?  Join us on Sunday to find out -- and in the process, learn a very important lesson […]

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The Spirit That Oppresses You

What’s the greatest weakness or obstacle you face in your life right now?  Maybe it seems invincible.  This Sunday we’ll study a story where our ancestors in the faith faced an invincible foe, yet prevailed.  The same principles that worked for them then will work for us now.

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It’s a word we hate to hear.  We’re impatient.  Waiting makes us frustrated, sometimes even angry and resentful.  Yet life constantly compels us to wait.  This Sunday we’ll explore how to turn our waiting into something joyful, powerful and productive, as we explore the concept of “prayerful waiting.”

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People Problems

People problems are everywhere we go, every day of the week – there’s no avoiding it.  So what are we supposed to learn from all these people problems, and how can we do better?  This Sunday we’ll explore 4 specific ways to better manage our people problems, as we continue our new sermon series called […]

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