When A Dream Dies

Life is full of unexpected plot twists that throw us for a loop.  How we respond in those times can make all the difference.  This week we’ll explore a Bible passage that offers deep insight into what to do – and not to do – when life serves up a bitter disappointment. Today's Scripture I […]

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Magical Mystery Tour

Last week we talked a bit about finding God’s will in our lives.  This week we’ll take that conversation deeper, exploring a powerful spiritual principle embedded in an obscure Old Testament story.  Our attention was drawn to this story by a dream God gave to someone in our congregation.  For some reason, God wants us […]

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Is My Life Predetermined?

This Sunday we begin a new sermon series called “Difficult Questions of Faith.”  In this series, we will pull no punches, boldly exploring the most perplexing questions of faith, starting this Sunday with two key questions:  Is my life predetermined by God’s plan or subject to the vicissitudes of free will and randomness?  How involved is God in […]

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