How To Be An Effective Prophet

With July 4th upon us and Juneteenth recently behind us, it’s that time of year when we think about our nation and how we can form a more perfect union.  In that spirit, we’ll take some time on Sunday to explore three critical lessons from the great prophets of the Bible about how we, like the […]

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Shelly’s Voice

Shelly Fitzgerald was serving faithfully as a Guidance Counselor at Roncalli Catholic High School when, out of the blue, she was attacked for marrying a woman, terminated, and thrust into a national spotlight.  She has responded by becoming a bold public advocate for change in the Church and beyond.  This Sunday, Shelly will share some […]

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It's a powerful, primal, scary word that lies at the center of so much of what's wrong with our world -- and what can go wrong inside each of us.  What is it about yourself that you "hate"?  What is it about others that tempts you to lash out in a rage of venomous thoughts […]

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When Will Jesus Come Again?

This Sunday we conclude our sermon series on Jesus by exploring the promise of his Second Coming.  What does that mean?  What are the different ways Christians have interpreted this promise?  When will it be?  And how does any of this apply to how I live from day to day?

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Broken World, Broken Politics

Are you tempted to despair at the state of political affairs in our nation?  At one time or another, every single one of us is bound to feel that way.  So what should we do?  In Bible times, our ancestors in faith faced political challenges beyond our wildest imagination.  This Sunday we’ll look to their […]

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