What a Life of Faith Looks Like

This Sunday Pastor Jeff will share an amazing story about two lizards – yes, lizards! – who will show us what a life of deep faith looks like. Are you facing any big challenges in life right now? Do you have loved ones who are facing big challenges? If so, this sermon’s for you.

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The Grit of Greatness

This week Pastor Jeff is going to talk to us about the 8th core characteristic of a Spirit-filled person.  The Greek word Paul uses for the 8th characteristic is “pistis.”  The meaning of the word is profound and potentially life-changing.  Invite a friend to tune in with you.

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Building Stronger Relationships

On Sunday we’ll continue our New Year sermon series called “Getting Myself Together.”  This Sunday we’ll reflect on the quality of our relationships with others (spouses, parents, children, siblings, friends and coworkers), benchmarking ourselves against four core relationship principles found in the Bible, considering where we have room to grow.  If you value the relationships […]

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The Drama of Human Conflict

Are you at odds with anyone in your life?  Do you struggle with how to respond?  This Sunday, as we continue exploring profound life lessons embedded in the Biblical creation story, we move into the part of the story where two brothers, Cain and Abel, become deadly enemies.  If you’ve ever experienced broken relationships, you […]

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Love Lessons

At both services on Sunday we will be celebrating the ordination of Pastor Vivian and she will be preaching from one of the most challenging passages in the New Testament – a passage that calls us to a deeper understanding of what it means to love the people around us. 

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Does My Perfect Soulmate Exist?

This week Pastor Jeff is going to share insights for how we can build beautiful lifetime relationships, drawing on the teachings of Genesis 2 and two recent best-selling books, “Wedding Toasts I’ll Never Give” (Ada Calhoun) and “The First Love Story” (Bruce Feiler).  This may be the most important sermon you’ll ever hear about building […]

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