How to Keep Your Sanity in a Mad, Mad World

Life is so full of stress and never-ending demands.  Do this!  Do that!  No, do this over here – and hurry up!  It never lets up – and in the process we become frazzled, stressed, and pulled in a million different directions.  For the next three weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, Pastor Jeff will do […]

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Your Secret Superpower

Did you know that you have a Secret Superpower?  Do you know what it is?  Are you actively using it?  These are the questions we’ll explore on Sunday, as we continue our sermon series called “Living With Resurrection Power!” Don’t live an underpowered life!  Let’s learn together!

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Get Out of Your Own Way

This Sunday we begin a new sermon series called “Songs of Our Heart.”  In this series, we’ll study the songs sung by our ancestors in faith in the Old Testament book of Psalms and discover that their hopes, dreams, fears, and anxieties are very similar to ours.  From them, we will learn how to better […]

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